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Pats Fans: Why So Angry?

Two years later, New England fans still can’t let go of Deflategate. We went into the seething heart of Patriot country to find out why anger at Roger Goodell and his punishment of Tom Brady burns as hot as ever

The CBA at Halfway, Part I

The 10-year collective bargaining agreement signed in 2011 changed the landscape of the NFL. At the midway point, we analyze just how it has affected the shifting power balance between owners and players

Can Goodell Save His Job?

The NFL, which celebrates everything, has nothing planned publicly for the 10-year work anniversary for Roger Goodell. Here are four job-saving ideas for the commish, while readers state their case for his removal

What a Commish Should Be

NFLPA president Eric Winston shares an idealistic view of how the leader of the NFL should operate. Plus a positive takeaway from the Tom Brady suspension, two veteran backs to watch at training camp and much more

What It’s Like to Get Called into the Principal’s Office

Roger Goodell began his commissionership as the new sheriff in town, but in real-life discipline hearings he’s more like a stern schoolmaster, wielding unquestioned authority within the walls of NFL headquarters. Players who’ve been summoned before Goodell recount their sometimes edifying, sometimes infuriating experiences

‘He Takes the Fun Out of Football’

Emily Kaplan visited Decatur, Ill., the original home of the Chicago Bears franchise, to ask men and women on the street what they think of Roger Goodell, as the commissioner approaches 10 years on the job

Remaking Goodell’s Image: Mission Impossible?

Joe Lockhart once helped successfully steer Bill Clinton through impeachment. Now, as the NFL’s top PR official, the former White House press secretary takes on an equally daunting task: repairing the image of the league and its embattled commissioner

The Goodell Decade

During his tenure as NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell has been the subject of unrelenting criticism while overseeing unprecedented growth. And, despite the public’s perception of him, he’s positioned to be the face of the NFL for years to come

Welcome to Goodell Week

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is our guest columnist and he kicks off The MMQB’s five-day look at the commissioner by examining 10 things that should worry the NFL most. Plus thoughts on Tom, Von, Mo, Kirk and more

Fifty Years of an NFL Life

Joe Browne, the league’s PR chief under Pete Rozelle and Paul Tagliabue and later an adviser to Roger Goodell, retired in March. From the AFL merger to Al Davis, from the backdoor dealings of Tagliabue’s election to a battle with Donald Trump, these are some of the memories that highlighted his 50 years in the NFL

Another Deflategate Day in Court

On Thursday, New York City’s 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals hears arguments from the NFL and NFLPA in regards to Tom Brady’s dismissed suspension. Here’s what to expect

Goodell, 10 Years Later

Roger Goodell is closing in on a full decade as NFL commissioner. A look at the policies that have defined his tenure, and why, despite a rocky public perception, he has staying power

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