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San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Report

Peter King's dispatch from Santa Clara, where there's a sense of overconfidence among the players, considering the massive roster overhaul. The Niners will be good enough, but have too many holes at receiver and cornerback to contend

Fixing Colin Kaepernick

The 49ers’ QB has fundamental flaws in his game. If he can’t take the next step, he may end up joining the mass exodus in San Francisco

Anthony Davis and Why a ‘Bye Year’ Makes Sense

There’s some logic in the lineman’s decision to step away in the middle of his prime. Plus, thoughts on Kam Chancellor’s brother, Steve Smith Sr.’s retirement, T.Y. Hilton getting paid and a bright spot for those hard-luck Niners

Talent Still King in NFL

The Bills' signing of IK Enemkpali, and some team's eventual signing of Aldon Smith, go to show that ability always wins out. Plus, which QB stat needs to change pronto and why Vince Wilfork shouldn't quit his day job

Mangini in the Middle

After working on the other side of the ball, the onetime boy wonder is back in a defensive coordinator role with San Francisco—older, wiser and eager to help guide the 49ers past their period of turbulence

The Conversation the NFL Does Not Want to Have

Is the spate of surprising retirements by 49ers players this offseason an outlier or the start of a trend? The league hopes it's the former because it's unprepared to deal with the latter. Plus, thoughts on the NFL's antiquated stance on gambling

The Looming Standoff: Russell Wilson vs. Seattle

Doubts are starting to grow about the QB’s long-term future with the Seahawks. Here are three reasons I think contract talks may be in trouble. Plus, examining the Niner exodus, a Father’s Day preview and commencement speech snippets

The Tim Tebow Trial

The Eagles are giving a chance to the lightning-rod QB who hasn’t played a meaningful down since 2012. Here’s why it’s a smart move by Philly. Plus, two HOF GMs on Winston vs. Mariota, a new look at the Malcolm Butler Super Bowl play and more

‘I Chickened Out’

Ex-linebacker Scott Fujita nearly walked away because of concussion concerns but couldn’t ‘get off the hamster wheel.’ His perspective on Chris Borland’s bold decision, plus answering questions about Deflategate, Marcus Mariota and more

Football Won’t Be the Same After Borland

As a parent, I often second-guessed my decision to not let my son even consider playing football until high school. After watching 49ers linebacker Chris Borland walk away from the game, my son may never have a say in the matter

We Need to Listen to Chris Borland

Of all the stunning developments in the NFL in the last week, Chris Borland’s retirement will have the biggest ramifications for the game

Don’t Panic, Niners Fans

The reaction to what’s happening with the 49ers ranges from outrage to despair, but remember—there are no winners or losers in March. Let’s allow the process play out, and see the on-field product, before making any final judgments

NFL Free Agency: The Free-For-All Has Begun

The dominoes have started to fall, so what does Ndamukong Suh to Miami and Devin McCourty back to New England mean for Darrelle Revis? Why it might be imperative for the Jets to bring back the top corner, plus many more FA thoughts

Why Rex Ryan Makes Sense in Buffalo

A refreshing face for the franchise, Ryan cements the Bills’ defensive strength while joining forces with Greg Roman, a brilliant offensive coordinator. The last time he had a young-but-flawed quarterback and a defense this good, he went to back-to-back AFC Championship Games

The NFL’s Best and Worst Business Decisions

A look back at the players and teams that won and lost at the negotiating table in 2014, and what it all means going forward as the league tries to repair its image