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The Young Dinosaur

After back-to-back losing seasons for the first time as New York Giants head coach, 68-year-old Tom Coughlin had no interest in walking away from coaching. He’s even less interested in changing his ways

Baltimore’s Big Problem

For years, the Ravens were one of the NFL’s cleanest teams off the field. But a recent run of arrests has forced the organization to cut contributing players and alter future plans. Plus thoughts on rule changes, signings and more

The New Noll

Chuck Noll stayed 23 years in Pittsburgh. With 10 playoff wins in seven years and a patient boss, John Harbaugh could be on his way to a similar stature in Baltimore. The Ravens coach would consider it ‘the ultimate accomplishment’

Courtroom Football: Ray Rice vs. the NFL

The biggest matchup in football this week might be taking place in a New York City law office. That's where an independent arbitrator will listen to Ray Rice appeal his indefinite suspension and the NFL argue the punishment is merited

An Inevitable Conversation

Ray Rice will get his day in court next week. If his indefinite suspension is lifted, the former All-Pro running back will be free to sign with any team. Would one do it? Here's a hypothetical look at how a coach and GM would make this decision

Man in the Middle

Ravens president Dick Cass is a key figure in the Ray Rice disciplinary matter, but not much is known about the behind-the-scenes front-office executive. Examining his background, his current role and how those two worlds intersect

The Week 3 Mailbag

As the NFL continues to play catch-up on player conduct, here's the next step for Roger Goodell. Plus, the problem with Trent Richardson, a way to help officials keep pace with speed of game and an open invitation for players to cheat

Hubris and Hogwash

Mark Cuban was scoffed and sneered at for warning the NFL about the perils of arrogance. His words now look prophetic as the mighty league has been made vulnerable by player misdeeds and the failures of leadership

Goodell Under Siege

The cries for Roger Goodell's resignation are reverberating across the football world after the AP reported the league office had indeed received the second Ray Rice video. At least one owner isn't sure the NFL commish will survive the saga

His Job Is Safe, His Credibility Is Shot

Two years ago, Roger Goodell told the Saints that ignorance was not a suitable defense in the Bountygate scandal. In the wake of the second Ray Rice video, the NFL commissioner is using that same defense. His credibility is slipping away

Is the NFL’s No-Nonsense Sheriff Turning Soft?

Roger Goodell has long ruled with an iron fist, but following Ray Rice’s mere two-game ban, the so-called ‘judge, jury and executioner’ is catching heat for being too lenient. Which begs another question: Why aren’t people up in arms about the Ravens doing nothing?

Time for an NFL Sweet 16

Playoff expansion is inevitable, so let’s do it right: Eliminate the first-week byes, go to eight teams from each conference and let the Madness commence. Like the NCAAs, that will provide the best test and the truest champion

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