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From the Akron Pros to the Seattle Seahawks: Race and the NFL

Last February, an African-American quarterback won the Super Bowl for the second time ever... and no one seemed to notice. Russell Wilson weighs in on the role race has played throughout the history of pro football, and just how far we’ve come

From I to XLVIII

Legendary photographer Walter Iooss Jr., who shot the Super Bowl I cover for Sports Illustrated, worked from an unusual perch in the stands for Broncos-Seahawks—and ended up with yet another SI SB cover, his 13th

What a Year. What a Team. What’s Next.

Life in the NFL is about tunnel vision, but forgive me for a moment while I step back, reflect on an incredible 2013 and appreciate our Super Bowl win and the teammates with whom I reached the pinnacle. We may not all be together much longer, after all

Kam’s the Man Who Should’ve Been MVP

The Seahawks’ suffocating defense in Super Bowl XLVIII wasn’t just the best performance of the season, but of the last decade in the NFL. Only one thing went wrong on their way to the Lombardi Trophy

Doug Baldwin's Diary of Super Bowl XLVIII

More than 111 million people watched, but only a few know what it feels like to have played in the big game. Seahawks wideout Doug Baldwin shares the experience, from the minute he woke up until he left MetLife as a champion

48 and Counting

Not many people have seen all 48 Super Bowls, and fewer have seen them all from the sideline. Photographer John Biever’s been there, done that, and here’s what Broncos-Seahawks looked like through his lens

What About Russell?

The Seahawks' unflappable young quarterback got lost in the immediate aftermath of Super Bowl XLVIII, but he's a major reason Seattle's already talking repeat. Plus, readers weigh in on Peyton Manning, the referees and much more

The Failure Was Total

It was another big-game loss for Peyton Manning, but the blame for the Broncos’ 43-8 Super Bowl humiliation extends across the board, to every aspect of the team’s performance: coaching, preparation and execution


They say the NFL is a league for offense. So how, then, was Super Bowl XLVIII decided, and dominated, by a group of tormentors raising hell around Peyton Manning and wreaking havoc for the most potent offense in league history? This is the anatomy of a dismantling

Answer My Question, Commish!

The marijuana crisis, future cold-weather Super Bowls and a question about health care for life sadly dodged: Here are 10 things 49ers tight end Vernon Davis thinks in response to Roger Goodell's State of the NFL address

The Hidden Matchup

There’s more to XLVIII than the league’s top offense going up against the league’s top D. The respective coordinators, Denver’s Adam Gase and Seattle’s Dan Quinn, are rising stars who are destined to become head coaches. Think of this Super Bowl as the prequel to something even bigger between the two

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