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Unfinished Business

After a 9-1 start in 2014, the Cardinals limped to a weak finish after losing Carson Palmer to an ACL injury. Will the now healthy QB pick up where he left off? Plus, Mike Tannenbaum's second chance, inside HBO's new football show and more

On Film Study, Texting Coaches and Seattle’s MVP

For an inveterate tape-watcher, the complexity and beauty of pro football are on display in the All-22 film, but neither it nor an intimate insider can definitively name which Seahawk is most valuable. Plus notes on Jameis Winston, Tim Tebow, RG3 and more

The Tim Tebow Trial

The Eagles are giving a chance to the lightning-rod QB who hasn’t played a meaningful down since 2012. Here’s why it’s a smart move by Philly. Plus, two HOF GMs on Winston vs. Mariota, a new look at the Malcolm Butler Super Bowl play and more

Building a Better Bronco

Three years ago, John Elway's hiring brought questions of Denver's intent. Would the former face of the franchise just be a figurehead? Three straight playoff appearances and a Super Bowl berth later, the answer is clear: Nope

Michael Sam: Studying the Game Tape

We’re learning about Michael Sam the man. But what about Michael Sam the player? We watched every snap he played in 12 games for Missouri last fall to get an unfiltered look at the 2014 draft prospect. Here's what we found

The Power Of Peyton's Choice

Peyton Manning’s week-long free agency in 2012 produced a seismic reaction around the NFL that still reverberates today. How would the league look if he hadn’t picked Denver? For starters, the quarterback landscape would be rocked

A Hot Commodity

Frustrated Jaguars fans have been asking, "Tebow, why not?" Yet as the season wears on, the question is taking on an entirely different meaning

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