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Feedback on TB12 and SB51

Readers share their thoughts on Tom Brady’s recap of the Super Bowl 51 comeback, plus notes on Terrell Owens’ Hall of Fame case, Jimmy Garoppolo’s future and more

For the Brady Family: ‘Redemption’

 As Tom Brady’s father and mother celebrated their son’s history-making performance in Super Bowl 51, it meant much more than just a fifth ring

Pats Fans: Why So Angry?

Two years later, New England fans still can’t let go of Deflategate. We went into the seething heart of Patriot country to find out why anger at Roger Goodell and his punishment of Tom Brady burns as hot as ever

When Tom Brady Faces Down the Broncos

Breaking down the QB’s battle with a defense that got the best of him twice last season. Plus, film-study notes on every NFL team heading into Week 15

No Gronk? No Problem

And that’s not just Sunday’s win over the hapless Rams. Without Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots are still the same AFC favorites they were before he got hurt

A Rookie in Patriotland

What’s a converted baseball writer to make of Belichick, Brady and the Patriot Way? Our new MMQBer gets his first taste in Foxborough

Welcome to Goodell Week

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is our guest columnist and he kicks off The MMQB’s five-day look at the commissioner by examining 10 things that should worry the NFL most. Plus thoughts on Tom, Von, Mo, Kirk and more

Tom Brady’s Hail Mary

It’s a long shot, but the legal team for the Patriots QB filed one final brief in an attempt to avoid a four-game suspension. Brady’s lawyer explains the case. Plus reader mail, including reaction to Washington’s nickname 

Two Views of the Brady Deflategate Ruling

The reinstatement of Tom Brady’s four-game Deflategate suspension affirms Goodell’s power, says Andrew Brandt, but hardly confirms the case against the Patriots QB, according to Peter King. Now, will Brady take the case further, and will the league relent on the degree of punishment?

‘He Set the Standard’

As Peyton Manning rides off into the sunset—he’ll make his retirement official today in Denver—his most worthy adversary, Tom Brady, lauds a competitor who ‘mastered’ the game. Plus a quick look at free agency, including three teams likely to spend lavishly when the market opens

Another Deflategate Day in Court

On Thursday, New York City’s 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals hears arguments from the NFL and NFLPA in regards to Tom Brady’s dismissed suspension. Here’s what to expect

Brady, Bruised and Beaten

The Patriots offensive line didn’t do its job in the AFC title game, and there were day-after repercussions in New England. For Denver, it was business as usual for the defense, which turns its focus to Cam Newton

Tom Brady’s Guardian Angels

The Golden Boy is at his best when the pocket resembles a halo. But protecting the quarterback has required a different approach in New England this season. Check that—a stunning 37 different offensive line combinations that can be chalked up to one thing: The Patriot Way

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