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Book of Mathieu

In our film study session with Tyrann Mathieu, the Arizona Cardinals star defensive back explains—among other things—how a receiver’s head nod (or lack thereof) leads to an interception, covering Jimmy Graham, and why, when it comes to receivers, ‘most of them are divas’

How the (NFC) West Could Be Won

In case you haven't figured it out yet: Don't count the Cardinals out. They have a monumental task when they face the Seahawks with a third-string quarterback on Sunday night, but they can win. Here's how

What Is Hoyer Worth?

The “Wet Blanket of Reason” assesses one of his favorite quarterbacks and breaks down an X's and O's question with some help from former NFL QB Sage Rosenfels. Plus, five thoughts going into Week 12

Safety In Numbers

Arizona lost nearly all its standout defensive players in the offseason, for varied reasons. Inventive coordinator Todd Bowles is using it as a chance to get more safeties on the field, and the result—the Cardinals' 3-0 start—speaks for itself

Praising Arizona

The Cardinals haven't finished above .500 since 2009. That streak will end this season, and even if they don't make the playoffs, Bruce Arians and company are making their case as being the best-coached team in football. Here's why

Throwing the Challenge Flag on Inconsistency

NFL officials have the thankless job of making real-time decisions after processing information in the blink of an eye. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re wrong, but why do the rules always seem to be changing?

Welcome the Spotlight

No pressure, Chris Clark, being thrown into the fire protecting Peyton Manning's blind spot and keeping a Super Bowl hopeful humming. Plus, more of what I'll be watching in Week 3

The Anatomy of a Game-Winning Play

Tyrann Mathieu has made some splashy plays already as a rookie, but it was something subtle he did that led to a fourth-down stop, sending the Cards to their first win of the season. He explains in his own words

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