Puppies at Training Camp!

Browns camp turned into a real Dawg Pound as the Northeast Ohio SPCA set up an adoption tent. The MMQB couldn’t resist reporting on the move—because puppies are the greatest

Welcome to The MMQB 100

Peter King, Robert Klemko, Jenny Vrentas and Gary Gramling give a sneak peek at The MMQB 100: our special summer series counting down the most influential people for the 2015 NFL season

What About Frank Clark?

Answering your Twitter questions regarding the Seahawks’ controversial pick, the Panthers getting no love, the Deflategate endgame and more

The Cowboys Break Randy Gregory’s Fall

The Cowboys aren’t afraid of the red flags: On Friday night, they grabbed falling top-10 talent Randy Gregory of Nebraska. Jenny Vrentas and Don Banks break down what it means for Jerry Jones and Big D

The First Round’s Biggest Surprises

From the Eagles staying put to the Rams rolling the dice on Todd Gurley, The MMQB’s Peter King and Jenny Vrentas look at the biggest surprises of the NFL draft’s first round

Who Will Play in the 2015 Season Opener?

We know the New England Patriots will open up the 2015 NFL season in Foxboro. But who will their opponent be? The Eagles and Steelers are possibilities, but don't count out a couple of AFC East rivals

Antonio Gates Will Retire with a Ring

Set to play his 13th NFL season this fall, the Chargers tight end has embarked on a second career as a boxing promoter to prepare for life after football—and to help young fighters back home in Detroit get on the right track

We Need to Listen to Chris Borland

Of all the stunning developments in the NFL in the last week, Chris Borland’s retirement will have the biggest ramifications for the game

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