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What It Takes To Build a Super Bowl Contender

Brandon Browner explains what made his Seahawks and Patriots teams so special, and George Iloka dissects what’s kept the Bengals from winning in the playoffs (don’t blame Andy Dalton). Plus, the reaction to Jordy Nelson’s lost season and training camp observations

Where Blue Met Gray

Thirty miles south of Washington’s training camp site sits Petersburg National Battlefield, where North and South were locked in a bloody stalemate for 10 months during the Civil War—and where a a visit will put your obsession with NFL, some 150 years later, into perspective

The Longest Road to Training Camp

A special group of Washington training camp interns drove across the country to report for an unpaid position and follow their NFL dreams

The Legacy of No. 21

Nearly eight years after Sean Taylor was fatally shot while protecting his family during a home invasion, the free safety’s presence is still felt every day by Washington’s players and fans

Make or Break for RG3—Again

Emily Kaplan's dispatch from Washington’s training camp includes notes on Junior Galette's arrival, an unfortunate injury and how Jay Gruden is doing everything he can to help his quarterback thrive.

The Favre-Packers Divorce

On the eve of Brett Favre’s return to Green Bay to be inducted into team’s Hall of Fame, let’s look back at how it all ended in the first place. Plus, mailbag questions about Ken Stabler’s HOF status, Tom Brady, the Washington nickname and eating hot dogs

Redskins: Right or Wrong?

Another season has passed, and the fight continues in Washington over the football team’s nickname. Some find the name offensive and racist; others see it as a harmless, long-standing tradition. And there’s not much room in the middle

Inviting the Nightmare

Donte Stallworth killed a man while driving drunk, a horror that will always be a part of him. Five years later, the former NFL wide receiver is telling his story to other players to ensure they don't make the same mistake

What’s Next, Washington?

The U.S. Patent Office has canceled Daniel Snyder’s team trademark, ruling that it is disparaging to a “substantial composite” of Native Americans. But the battle over the word “Redskins” is far from over

What It All Means: NFC Draft Breakdowns

The 2014 NFL draft went down in unpredictable fashion. Now it’s time to look at what each team’s haul means going forward

In the NFL, the Business of Football Always Wins

The recent releases of superstars DeSean Jackson and Chris Johnson were classic cases of teams having leverage over players. It also again showed the fallacy of taking an NFL contract at face value

The Battle of Washington

Daniel Snyder says it honors the heritage of Native Americans; critics consider it nothing less than a racist slur. We set out to gauge the real sentiment regarding the name ‘Redskins’ among Native American leaders and in grass-roots tribal communities around the country. The short answer: It’s complicated

Week 15 Decisive Moments

Breaking down tape to analyze and explain the most critical plays of the week, including a key fourth-down conversion in the Dolphins' upset of the Patriots and the play that ended the Saints' comeback hopes

The Dysfunction In D.C.

What in the world is happening in Washington? Trying to make some sense of Mike Shanahan's decision to bench Robert Griffin III and what it means for the head coach, the star quarterback, the owner and the future of the franchise

It Wasn’t Supposed to End Like This

Eliminated in Week 13? A year after leading Washington to a playoff berth, RG3 has looked little like the dynamic multiple threat who would turn a franchise around. Is it just a sophomore slump, or something more serious?