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Unfinished Business

After a 9-1 start in 2014, the Cardinals limped to a weak finish after losing Carson Palmer to an ACL injury. Will the now healthy QB pick up where he left off? Plus, Mike Tannenbaum's second chance, inside HBO's new football show and more

The Best Gift I Ever Got

Ninja turtles, He-Man, Sega Genesis and one big kid who loved his new trampoline. NFL players weigh in with the best holiday gift they ever received

What It’s Like on the Cutting Edge

Three players whom the The MMQB has followed over the last year—Andre Williams, Zach Line and Austen Lane—experienced the NFL’s toughest weekend in three very different ways

‘Always Earning Your Keep’

An undrafted rookie, Zach Line beat the odds and found a home in Minnesota. These are the lessons he’ll carry with him going forward in the NFL

A Not-So-Simple Twist of Fate

The Pro Bowl fullback was returning, and the Vikes needed to clear a roster spot. Rookie Zach Line’s tweaked knee provided them with a solution that left him in a strange place (and we don’t mean London)

What It’s Like to Make the Cut

For Zach Line, the news that he’s a Viking came on Saturday, with a phone that didn’t ring. He could be starting alongside Adrian Peterson in the season opener—but it’ll be three more weeks before he knows if the dream will last

Decision Day Looms

One more preseason game, one more chance to impress: By 6 p.m. Saturday, undrafted rookie Zach Line will either be a Viking, a practice-squadder or looking for a job somewhere else

Now Every Rep Is Huge

The pads are on. The coaches are watching. And Adrian Peterson is right there next to you. The first week of camp for Vikings rookie Zach Line meant the first chance to impress—or to blow it

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