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When NFL Contracts Want a Pound of Flesh

Eddie Lacy’s deal with the Seahawks is tied to weight clauses, which often end up doing more harm than good. Plus, the slow crawl of free agency, the NFL’s unused cap space, a potential Marshawn Lynch trade, the wisdom of DeMarcus Ware and more

10 Thoughts on Free Agency

Moneyball comes to the NFL, fullbacks are getting paid and the Cowboys are in a tough spot with Tony Romo’s salary-cap hit. Plus a look at the “golden-ticket” winners, the barely there guarantees for some veterans, and the latest dysfunction in Washington

Mind Your NFL Business

With only one game left in the football season and the “business season” already in full swing, I have many thoughts on what’s going on behind the scenes. Here are 10 of them

The Five Myths of NFL Relocations

The Chargers are planning to join the Rams in L.A. and the Raiders are eyeing Vegas. Here’s why the NFL landscape is changing so much—and how fans factor into the negotiations

The NFL Was Hardly Business As Usual in 2016

A review of the headline-making issues, including: The Rams in L.A., Kaepernick’s protest, declining ratings, Vegas rumors, Andrew Luck’s payday, Joey Bosa’s holdout, Carson Wentz’s arrival, Deflategate’s farewell, Josh Norman’s departure from Carolina, and CTE

Football’s Accounting Tricks

Front offices are already setting the course for 2017 and beyond, but not everything in the business of football is as it appears. Here’s a look at how players are hurt by the current salary cap arrangement, and what agents are doing behind the scenes to wrangle new clients

My Time in Packerland

The MMQB is dedicated a week to exploring the football culture in Green Bay, but I already know the town inside and out. I lived there for nine years while working in the Packers’ front office. Join me on a trip down memory lane

No One Makes Friends in NFL Negotiations

The recent “How do you like me now?!” interaction between Kirk Cousins and Washington GM Scot McCloughan provided a rare public glimpse at a common dance in the business of football: maintaining relationships on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, value and leverage

The Grass Is Looking Greener

Recreational and medicinal marijuana use is becoming more accepted across the country. How will those changing attitudes affect NFL players looking to manage their pain?

A Deadline But No Headlines

Unlike the NBA and Major League Baseball, the NFL trade deadline lacks much action or buzz. Two proposals on how to make it more relevant, plus thoughts on the one significant move that actually went through and the Chargers’ looming decision day about whether to stay in San Diego