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Day 2 Mock Draft

With a wild Round 1 in the books, a look ahead to how Friday night’s second and third rounds might play out...

50 Draft Prospects You Need to Know

You already know Garrett and Watson and McCaffrey. But of the 253 players who will be drafted this weekend, here are 50 more, ranging from first-rounders to undrafted free agents, with the skill sets and/or back stories to win over their newest fans

Corey Davis Has Become the Draft’s Mystery Man

The Western Michigan wideout had been on a trajectory to be a high first-round pick, but an injury-filled draft season (including an absence of a 40 time) will test teams interested in him. Plus, notes on two fast-rising corners, the potential of trade ups into the top 10, and a look at the 2018 draft’s headliners

24 Hours ... With Patrick Mahomes

In a draft that lacks a surefire franchise quarterback, Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes has a chance to emerge as 2017’s prize passer. We went behind the scenes with the QB as he prepared for the audition of his life: his pro day

Ranking Four Years Worth of Running Back Prospects

Just how good is the 2017 draft’s heralded class of running backs? A scout shares four years of RB draft grades to show where Fournette, Cook, Mixon, Kamara and McCaffrey fall in comparison to Zeke Elliott, Todd Gurley and the rest of the recent top RB prospects

On Myles Garrett, Competitor

There are whispers that the presumptive No. 1 overall pick held back to avoid injury last season. A conversation with his head coach reveals another side of Garrett

Davis Webb: Another QB Enters the Round 1 Conversation

One year after Jared Goff went first overall, another Cal QB is the latest QB to catch scouts’ eyes in a muddled group of passers. Plus, the combine’s biggest riser has scouts going back to review UConn film, five things you need to know about the draft this week, and a draft mailbag

The Quarterbacks Speak

And, not surprisingly, each met with just about every NFL team. Plus, Leonard Fournette’s testing elicits an “LOL” from a scout, Mitch Trubisky’s official height controversy is settled, and the Eagles and Colts flip a coin for the 14th pick

The Draft’s Rorschach Test: What Will Each Team See in Patrick Mahomes?

An athletic, cannon-armed playmaker, son of a professional athlete and leader of men? Or a sloppy, reckless developmental prospect from a gimmicky offense? In a QB class full of question marks, Mahomes has emerged as the most fascinating passer in the draft. And every evaluator will see something different

David Njoku Could Own the Combine

The high-jump national champ turned tight end can solidify his first-round status in Indianapolis. Plus, a handful of small-school stars to watch and everything else to know heading into combine week