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The Bears Do the Quarterback Shuffle

In the first of a night full of surprises, Chicago traded three extra picks to move up one spot in the first round and select North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky second overall. The move set off an unexpected run on QBs in what had been considered a cloudy class

A New Staple of the Draft: Disruption

Ohio State cornerback Gareon Conley is being investigated by Cleveland police for an alleged rape, which he denies. It’s the latest in a string of serious stories (La’el Collins, Laremy Tunsil) that have overshadowed the NFL’s extravaganza in recent years

Jimmy Garoppolo and the QB Domino Effect

How the Patriots’ (stated) desire to keep their back-up QB will affect the rest of the quarterback market as needy teams begin to assess their options. Plus, Dirk Koetter speaks out of Jameis Winston’s latest controversy, a GM opposes the combine’s stance on banning certain prospects, and more from the combine

The Real Johnny Foxborough Is Pretty Great, Too

To Bill Belichick, “Johnny Foxborough” is the the anonymous high school quarterback down the street who can replace Tom Brady in a moment’s notice. But it turns out the actual high school QB down the street has his own story worth telling

Take These Broken Wings

A heartbreaking loss in the Super Bowl can stunt any team, especially one as young as the Falcons. Does Atlanta have what it takes to mount its own comeback?

T.O. and Tagliabue, Still on the Outside

On and off the field, Super Bowl weekend solidifies legacies—but contentious Hall of Fame candidates Terrell Owens and Paul Tagliabue will have to wait at least another year for their moment

The Road to Super Bowl 51

The MMQB arrived in Houston to all the glitz and glamour of the NFL’s biggest stage. But just like the players and coaches in this game, we took a long, winding journey to get here

The Ballad of Quintorris Jones

Eventually known simply as ‘Julio,’ the star receiver was always larger than life in his Alabama hometown, whether he likes it or not

Where Malcolm Butler Was Made

In a nondescript strip mall in Alabama, a little-known Division II prospect once trained for his shot at the NFL. He’s a star now, but Butler still comes back to this gym

Matt Ryan Is Old School

At Philly’s venerable Penn Charter, they remember Matt Ryan as a low-key, egalitarian leader for whom a team win, not stats or stature, was the priority. The Falcons QB has carried that ethos all the way to Super Bowl 51

The Tale of Tom Brady and Johnny Foxborough

He’s won four Super Bowls, two league MVPs, and will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. So why does Bill Belichick regularly compare his star player to the high school quarterback just down the street?