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Draft Day With Myles Garrett

Walking across the stage in Philadelphia was not his style. Garrett spent draft day in his Texas hometown with family, best friends, old coaches, a couple of NFL legends and Guitar Hero. Then he got the call from Cleveland that he’d been waiting for

Dalvin Cook and the Stories Behind the Red Flags

The concerns NFL teams have with Cook’s off-the-field history can be traced back to his middle school days. Some of it is Cook’s doing, some of it the product of a hard upbringing, and some of it is from the imagination of a man set on sabotaging him

Fighting Back Against a Trumpian Twist

A right-wing blogger was, at best, intellectually dishonest with our reporting on the geopolitical drama behind the theft of Tom Brady’s jersey. We’d like to set the record straight

The NFL Can’t Outrun a Legacy of Abuse

Once again the league is paying for its slow reaction to a health crisis, this time the overuse of the painkiller Toradol. Meanwhile, the union shows no interest in taking on the NFL on a perceived conflict of interest among team doctors, setting the stage for the next medical crisis

Reuben Foster, Inside and Outside the Lines

His immense talent—the best linebacker of the Saban era at Alabama—is offset by a litany of off-the-field questions, underlined by his infamous dismissal from the combine two weeks ago. Now the question: Where and when will Foster come off the board on draft night?

Myles Garrett’s Combine: ‘He Looked Like Wolverine’

If there was any doubt that Myles Garrett was the draft's best prospect, there isn't now after the Texas A&M edge rusher put together a combine performance for the ages. Plus, why a QB will probably land in the top five (but not to the 49ers), and Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware gives an answer to remember

A Battle Between Agents Brews

Dwindling agent fees are at the center of a potential revolt among some of the NFL’s prominent player reps. Plus, John Lynch talks up DeShone Kizer, Jack Del Rio on Derek Carr and Ron Rivera’s troubleshooting with Cam Newton, among the notes from the combine

Raiders Fans Deserve Better

Facing an uncertain future, Raiders executives aren’t saying anything about—or trying to fix—the problems they created in Vegas

The Super Bowl, Vegas-Style

We spent Super Bowl Sunday with the head of the biggest sports book in Vegas—where lots of people lost money because there was no safety, Gostkowski’s extra-point miss was big, and the Patriots’ comeback turned everything upside-down

Richard Sherman Is Not Apologizing

The two sides of the Seahawks star—Compton versus Stanford—have been on full display during a turbulent 2016 season, and it’s no accident. A balance between passion and poise continues to drive Richard Sherman, and could be the key to another Seattle Super Bowl run

‘We Can’t Keep Talking About Derek, Bro’

The mood is a mix of anger and despair as the Raiders prepare for a wild-card weekend trip to Houston. But while any realistic Super Bowl hopes might be dashed, the Raiders still have a chance to finish an almost-storybook season the right way